Choosing A Home Based Business


choosing a home based businessThe market is wide open and the demand for working from home is getting more and more popular. With many people suddenly finding themselves unemployed because of changes in their work place, many more are also looking at the idea of working from home and they are considering all the options offered for having a home based business.

Today I what to offer a few suggestions to consider when you are choosing a home based business opportunity.

Here is a list of five things that will help you decide which home based business is best for you.

Write Down Home Based Business Ideas

Here is where you can be wild and creative. Make three separate lists.

  1. First, write down everything you ever wanted to do as work, regardless whether you consider it a home based business or not.
  2. Now list everything that you know you have both interests and talents in.
  3. Make a third list of the talents  and skills that you have that others people need.

Always Research the Options

After you have that list, go to the internet, and begin to look up various sites that deal with home based businesses. Some of these sites will give you lists of many ideas.  Find some of them, and then, using the list that you already made, get more ideas to either add to it, or refine some of your ideas into more specific categories.

For example, if you have a desire to write you will find a lot of ideas for writers that work from home.  You may find resume writer, copywriter, content writer for web articles, and maybe copyediting. You might add in some similar things that you will also see, like website design, or virtual assistant.

Select One Or Two Possibilities

Now it’s time to narrow down the list.  Choose only the top one or two ideas that stand out on your list or peak your interest the most.   Once you have your top two, at the most, three options, do some more research to discover two things that will help make you choice:

  1. Get specific details as to what it will take to get started in that type of business; and
  2. Find out how much you might expect to realistically make from that specific home based business.

Determine Your Budget

All businesses cost money, and home based businesses are not different.  The next step is to determine whether or not you should pursue any of the home based businesses you have researched. You need to consider a simple start up budget so you know what you have to work with.  Be sure to allocate enough funding that will be kept aside in the event that things do not go as expected.  Let’s be honest, not every home based business is a success.

Get Ready To “Open The Doors”

You have narrowed your choses and you know what funding you need.  All you need to do now is make the final decision.  Select your home based business knowing what is needed, and then start the preparation to get started. Of course you want to do it right, so, with your budget in mind, start getting ready to open those doors for business.  Don’t forget to plan for your website, and be sure to promote your new business on Facebook.

In order to start a little more efficiently, much information can be found online about how to start you home based business.  Do your research.  Then start the process of “opening the doors” to your home based business.


Wednesday Wisdom starting in June


announcingSomething to watch for!

Coming in June….

Wednesday Wisdom

I’ve been working on a series of tips and hints and just general great ideas and this week I’ve decided that the way to share all this great stuff if to “dissect it all” into smaller chunks of information.

So starting in June, watch for this on ….  obviously …  Wednesdays!

I’ll be sharing wisdom – things I’ve learned – on a variety of categories.  From Facebook to Twitter to Word Press to Marketing to Networking to Home Business … and I could go on and on.  At first I was thinking Facebook would be my favorite and then I thought, no it’s Word Press … but then what about graphics.

I soon realized that there are so many sub categories of the main category of building a business online.

Good thing I have a lot of Wednesdays ahead of me to share all the things I want to.

So for now all I’ll say is …

See you on Wednesday Wisdom!



Lessons from a Family Day

Lessons from a Family Day

I’m not talking business today.  Not talking Facebook.  It’s been a family day for me and that’s what’s in my heart, so that’s what I’m sharing.  It’s been that type of day when you question and say thanks all at the same time.

Family Traditions

My parents have for decades had a family tradition of celebrating all of my dad’s siblings birthdays with a day of togetherness.  It always happened ON the birthday.  It starts with full hot dinner served at noon, followed by Kaffee and Kuchen (coffee and cake) served around 4 and then a light supper close to 6 or 6:30.  I mean this has been going on for decades –  no invitations are ever sent.  Every sibling (or their spouse as most of dad’s siblings are brothers) just know they will have a house full of family by noon and they better be ready or they’ll never hear the end of it.

Since they do not live in the same city and so there are some that have a travel time of 3.5 hours one way.  There were 18 siblings and inlaws – yes, they did this for each spouse as well.  That’s 18 celebrations in 12 months, and when my Oma and Opa were alive, that was the biggest family party of all as that was for all generations. That means that 20 family events in 12 months.  It’s a good thing they never did this for each of the next generation as I have 48 cousins – we’d have had a party every week…. or 3 in one day as was the case on October 10.

I remember going to these birthdays when I was very young … so I meant it when I said decades.  In the beginning,  there would be 20-25 family there.  At least since there were 9 sets siblings here in Canada. Obviously my dad’s sister in Germany wasn’t able to come, except when she was here for a visit then all 10 siblings would make it a major event.  Oh, and I should have mentioned, when the kids were little, most brought them along too.  But for the past 20 years or so, as almost have “entered retirement years” the group has mostly been just the siblings and their spouses AND the children and grandchildren of whoever’s birthday it was.

I should clarify – I’m always mentioning dad’s siblings – I am sure the same would have happened with mom’s 4 siblings except she was the only one in Canada.  Her entire family was back in Germany and never ever made a trip over for a visit.

So now that you understand the tradition, I want to get to the point of the lesson I learned today.

Family Changes

family traditionsMy brother and I would both be there, although my kids can’t come since they are at work.  The first change to this family tradition this year was that they had decided to celebrate my mom’s birthday of last week and my dad’s birthday of next week at the same time.  The family actually had started doing this in January when there were birthday close together in the same town – started as a suggestion for less travel on icy roads.  Driving has become an issue for some of the older ones.

As I head to my parents I reflect on several things:

  1. First time for a “two in one” for my parents!  The fact that hosting these family events is stressful to the hostess is like a neon light flashing that they are aging. Entertaining never used to be issue.
  2. Second thing that struck me was that 5 years ago this would never have happened today.  Why?  Because today would have been my uncle’s birthday and they would have all been going to his house, not coming to my parents house.

It’s a wonderful afternoon.  We’re out on the sun porch soaking up the warm sunshine.  I sit and listen as these dear people talk of tomorrow; sing songs of yesteryear; share their hopes; reminisce down memory lane; and update each other of their medical conditions.  All this happens while also noticing the birds feeding at the new bird feeder and enjoying the coffee and tea and fine foods provided.

Lessons from Family

I am struck “over the head” with these facts of life:

  1. The numbers are getting smaller.  Other than my mom and dad, there are only three brothers and their wives there.  Smallest gathering yet.  Ill health kept some away today; and more have passed on.
  2. Their days are numbered.  One aunt is there with her oxygen tank, yet I am struck with how truly beautiful she looks with her fuzzy scalp.  She’s been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer this spring and although she’s doing the chemo, we all know it’s stage 4.
  3. Their lives are so precious.  These are all people my brother and I have loved all our lives. I’m obviously not alone in that thought for I wasn’t really surprised to see 4 of my cousins at my folks as they had called to invite themselves.  They feel like I do and want to spend time with these lovely people. Two came to spend the day with their parents – since they live in different cities it’s a great opportunity to visit and not have to travel. Two came to spend time with family.  Their parents are gone, so they miss the family gatherings for their parents birthdays.
  4. They live life with such enthusiasm.  Each one of them is an amazing example of how to grab life, take it by the horns and just live it!  I am sure that’s one of the secrets to their successes. Each one came to this country as an immigrant in the 1950’s, not knowing a word of English, yet each one of them have no regrets of the life they lived or the life they are still living.  In fact, regardless of their challenges, they know to live life with an attitude of thanksgiving.
  5. We are all getting old.  I was reminded that if they are getting “old” that would mean that I am doing the dame. LOL My dad is now the oldest in his family – he’s 85 next year  He used to be the 4th in the line of 10.  When we had the big celebration for his 80th, only one of his youngest brothers was missing.  He had had a massive heart attack 5 years ago last week, just a few weeks before dad’s 80th.
  6. With aging seems to come a fight for life.  In these past 5 years, so many have had fights with cancer, heart problems, strokes and dementia.  And it’s not just that generation.  So many of my cousins who aren’t in their 70’s or 80’s but in their 40’s and 50’s are already having these same battles.  There have been several aunts/uncles that out lived their children.  Not a good sign of things to come.


It’s been a day of family;  a day of reflection.  And as I headed home, I realized just how blessed I was to be born into this family.  I have been loved by them all,  They accept me for who I am not what I do or what I believe.

I ended my day giving thanks for each new day.  It’s a gift from God.
I ended my day giving thanks for each family member.  They are also gifts from God.
I ended my day just giving thanks – I am so blessed.  Blessed beyond measure.


What’s Victoria Day


Today is Victoria Day in Canada

It’s a holiday weekend where I live and since I have no children to help explore our wonderful province, I haven’t been a part of the camping exodus that occurred on Friday.  I’m staying off the roads this afternoon as they will all be heading back to the city.

So since I’m home and on the computer, I started wondering why we have the day off.   I did the  “Bing thing”  and learned a few things.  I’ve always known this was about Queen Vitoria and not Victoria’s Secret as I’d seen some question on a forum yesterday.

Victoria Day honors Queen VictoriaJust thought I’d share some details to explain to my America and global friends why we have a Victoria Day holiday today.

We know it as Victoria Day and it’s celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday.  The holiday has been observed since 1845, years before Canada was formed in 1867.

The birthday celebration was originally held on the sovereign’s actual birthday, and continues to be celebrated in various fashions across the country but since her death it is now celebrated on this fixed date in May.   Victoria Day has always been a distinctly Canadian observance.  Victoria Day is Canada’s longest standing designated holidays.

Victoria Day is Empire Day elsewhere

Following the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, May 24 was made by law to be known as Victoria Day, a date to remember the late queen, who was deemed the “Mother of Confederation“, and, in 1904, the same date was by imperial decree made Empire Day throughout the British Empire.

In the modern age of the 21st century, Canadians still celebrate Victoria Day but is now is also a celebration of the current reigning Canadian sovereign’s, Queen Elizabeth’s, official birthday.  But for many of us we also consider Victoria Day as marking the beginning of the summer season in Canada.  Those that don’t head out for their first camping weekend of the summer are at home planting gardens and filling flower beds with blossoms.  Gardeners are always optimistic that since it’s after Victoria Day that there will be no more frosts at night – but they aren’t guaranteed that.  We have, in some years, experienced waking up to a world covered in snow, even in June.

Well, that’s your history, weather, and geography lesson all rolled into one.   Big Smile
Just a bit of trivia to start this week.

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian readers;  Happy Empire Day to all in the British Empire.    And my American friends – sorry – you have to wait for your first summer long weekend that’s happening next weekend.


Creating Graphics


I’ve always had a fascination with working with graphics, images, and pictures.

This probably start when I first went online and tried to create my first website.  Just for the record, my house was wired for the world the week of Christmas in 1996 by way of dial up.  I had 7 kids in the house at the time (5 teenagers) and since I worked from home at the time, including the business computer we had 3 computers.  I calculated once that my dial up account had approximately 30 hours a day of internet service.

Back to graphics.  I bought my first domain in January of 1997 and installed FrontPage.  But to have a decent site that meant I had to create graphics and I was hooked.  I’ve always had a version of Photoshop and it’s taken me a long time to figure it out so I haven’t updated it for years because there are so many changes I know it will be a major learning curve.

Simple Graphics

Two weeks ago in a Facebook group I was introduced to several inexpensive graphic programs.  Last week I found a $7 deal for one of the graphics software programs.  I bought it, tried it and within 15 minutes I had made my first graphic.  I was so impressed I actually went back and bought another copy to install this graphics program on my laptop and my pc so I can make graphics regardless of what computer I am on or where I am at.

Quote 101Easy Graphics

Since I’ve discovered how easy it is to make a graphic, I’ve decided to really implement them on this site as well as my StartingAfter50 Facebookpage.  It so easy to create a graphics template so if I were to create a series of TIPS or daily QUOTES I can so easily create graphics for each series.


Make Your Own Graphics

I can tell I’m going to love this.  You probably will to.  It’s so simple I know you can do it.  And if you do have a problem feel free to contact me or message me on Facebook.

It might be too late to get the software at that amazing price I did but the regular price is around $30.  Affordable graphics for your site or to use on Facebook.  Here is where you can get your own copy of this easy to use graphics software.  I’m also going to add the link to the side bar under my recommendations.

Let’s get started making some incredible graphics.  We are only limited by our imagination.



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